Will Prabhas’s upcoming movie “Adipurush” be banned in India?

Prabhas aka Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju Uppalapati upcoming Bollywood movie “Adipurush” is making headlines due to its 1:46min teaser. The teaser was uploaded on 2nd October, Sunday, 2022.

Will movie “Adipurush” be ban in India?

Adipurush is an upcoming Indian Hindu Mythological adaptation on ancient epic Ramayana. The film claims of having Rs.400 crore budget. After spending such a large fortune on the visual and graphic content, ill movie win people’s expectations?

The film has direction of Om Raut (“Tanhaji : The Unsung Warrier” )fame. The movie star casts Prabhas as Raghava, Kriti Sanon as Janaki and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh.

The teaser shows Lord Rama who is ready to destroy the empire of evil built by Saif Ali Khan’s Lankesh to save Janaki.

Prabhas is battling 10-headed Lankesh in the Om Raut Epic.

However, the teaser is attracting a lot of controversy. Social media is flooding with immediate blowback of #BoycottAdipurush, #BanAdipurush hashtags. The following are the causes for this mass reaction –

Reasons for Controversies 

The film Adipurush has courted major controversies for the wrong portrayal of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravana.

Lord Ram is with a moustache. 

Character of Hanuman is with a beard, without a moustache, and dressed up in leather.

Saif Ali Khan’s Ravan is having a long beard, Kohl lined fierce eyes and short spiky hairs.

The depiction of Pushpak aircraft should have been aesthetic but it is not the case. Saif is riding a dreadful creature which looks like some sort of mutated bat.

Further, people have also expressed disappointment over the film’s poor VFX.

These things became object of People’s wrath and resulted in demand for Ban of the movie.

People’s Reaction after the release of the Film’s teaser

With a budget of Rs.500 crore, the film “Adipurush” will become one of the most expensive Indian film made. The comments on the film’s teaser is causing on social media.

The movie also got some political remarks from BJP leaders.

Calls for Ban

Political Criticism 

The movie also got some political remarks from BJP leaders.

BJP tolls in 

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra also breaked his silence on the controversy and marked the teaser to be “very wrong”. 

He quoted that the teaser portrayed our God wrongly. Hanuman Chalisa says Kanan Kundal Kunchit Kesa, Hath Bajra and Dhwaja Biraje but not what they are showing in the teaser. He will write a letter to Director Om Raut on the subject of the correction of the “objectionable scenes”, or otherwise will take legal actions if the things are not changing.

“I am writing a letter to Om Raut to remove all such scenes from the film. If not removed, we will consider legal action,” Mr. Mishra said.

Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak also said that the film “attacked the sentiments of Hindus”. He further said that he would not allow the makers to play with the sentiments of millions of Hindus.

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj said that the film makes a mockery of Hindu deities.

Priest’s Fuming Reactions

A number of saints had objected to the portrayal of gods in ‘Adipurush’ and their demand to ban the film was justified.

Ayodhya Priest Satyendra Das told the media on 5th October, Wednesday, that the depiction of Ravana is “absolutely wrong and condemnable “. Further he criticized the makers for not portraying Lord Ram and Hanuman according to ancient textbooks and references.

“Ravan looks like a Muslim invader in the film while Hanuman’s image is distort beyond recognition which is highly condemnable. Film makers think they can get away with any level of cinematic liberty.”- he said.

Mahant Satyendra Das, chief priest of Ram Janmabhoomi temple, said, “No one can be allowed to misrepresent the Hindu mythology and distort the image of Hindu gods and goddesses.”

Sunil Raj of Hindu Rashtra Sena, a fringe outfit, said that the film’s teaser also portrays Sita in a poor light. “She looks more like a film heroine than a goddess. 

Ram temple head priest demands immediate ban on ‘Adipurush’

Bollywood Celebs and Influencers Response 

 Dipika Chikhlia who played the role of Goddess Sita of Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayana” expressed her views on the recent teaser. She said to Aaj Tak, “When an adaptation is made from the ancient era, should remain truthful to the era, the period and the characters, but the teaser does not reflects the era that actual Ramayana took place in.” Further, if a character is from Sri Lanka, they should not look like a Mughal.

“The kind of look that they have given to Ram and Ravana is not digestible to the audience,” said Sunil Lahri, who played the role of Lakshma.

Popular Youtuber Deeksha Sharma has said in her review that Prabhas has a weird plastic expression on his face. He lacks the ‘God-like Charm’ and the calmness that is associated with Vishnu avatars in Hinduism. She also pointed out that the characters and aura which we want to get from Lord Ram is nowhere in Prabhas’ Raghava. 

Shaktiman” fame Mukesh Khanna also reacted to the teaser that if the makers of the film are changing the looks of the characters for the sake of promotion, then they are playing with the faith of the audience. He said in strong words, “This film will not work”.

Netizens Response 

The netizens are claiming Hanuman and Ravana look to Islamic Attire. 

A user tweeted, “Bollywood’s Hanuman looks like a Musalman ”. – Saif’s Ravana is looking similar to Ranveer Singh’s Khilji in Padmaavat or Taimur, the Mughal Invader, or somewhat like “Rizwan ”.

A Twitter user complained about Ravan and Hanuman not wearing Mukut, the former being a Brahman not wearing his Janva.

Some netizens are commenting on Sita’s attire because during the period of exile, Sita used to wear orange (Gerua) coloured attires but the teaser is showing otherwise.

A user tweeted that this is “Jaani Dushman levels of CGI.” Another user’s comment-#AdipurushTeaser- the makers are producing cheap stuff to humiliate Hindus and lament on the subject of Boycott.

Positive Response 

Some users, on the other hand, said the quality of CGI and VFX does not matter and that the show will go on. A user wrote, “It’s not about VFX.” Society revolves around Ramayana, Lord Ram and Prabhas. Families will flood to the theaters to watch the film irrespective of the negative response. The movie will become Hit.

People are giving mixed reactions.

Casts response to the trolls and criticisms

Producer Dil Raju said “Adipurush” is not meant to be watched on mobile screens. “Like Baahubali, Bimbisara and Kartikeya, “Adipurush” will also become a huge hit. The 3 D teaser of the movie is stunning. When a huge star like Prabhas features in the spectacle, it is impossible to stop its run. Adipurush is going to create records,” Dil Raju said.

The Director Om Raut during a special 3-D screening of the teaser, said that the film “will live up to all the expectations”. He ‘disheartened’ from all the criticisms by netizens for the VFX and the first looks of the characters, but is insisting that people will have different reactions to the VFX and CGI when they see the movie on the large screen. “The movie is not for the small screen” – said the Director.

He further clarified that his partner and the studio (T-Series) is the largest YouTube channel in the world. This film does require an audience that comes to cinema halls very rarely. “We need these people to come and see the film because it’s Ramayana…it needs to reach a wider audience. So, I am not surprised. It’s made for a larger screen and I can’t consume it on a smaller screen.”- he said.

Prabhas’ Response

He is excited to see his own image in 3D. The movie will have great response from the audience. “The first time I watched the 3D version, I feel like a kid. It was a great experience. Those visuals and animals coming right at your face, it was very thrilling”.

“The film is brought for ‘BIG screens’ and especially 3D. This type of technology will be first time in India.” -said the actor.

Given the hush created by the movie’s first teaser has definitely increased its popularity and scope among the audiences.

The film “Adipurush” is set to release in IMAX and 3D in January, next year. The film is produced by T-Series film and Retrophiles. It will be available in different languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

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